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The market competitiveness of sanitary napkin

With the further development and improvement of China’s market economy and the changes of consumption structure and industrial structure, the market competition centering on personal care products such as sanitary pads has become increasingly fierce. As the sanitary napkin has a larger profit prospect, especially after China’s accession to the WTO, foreign sanitary napkin began to flood in, China’s sanitary napkin industry is faced with unprecedented competition.


Sanitary towel brand competition has been established to replace the price – based market competition. The brand has become a sword which the enterprise wins in the commercial war, the sanitary napkin brand operation gets the enterprise more and more attention. The brand construction of sanitary towel is the center of gravity that Chinese enterprises should grasp in the 21st century. The consumption market of Chinese sanitary napkin will also follow: demand consumption, fashion consumption and individual consumption. Such a change of brand consumption demand trajectory from low to high.


To build a strong brand, enterprises must strengthen brand building, brand management and brand strategy. At present, China’s sanitary napkin industry is still in the transition period from advertising to brand station. Most enterprises mainly rely on commercial advertising to launch a new product, while few of them build the overall image through brand management and still mainly rely on product brand launch. For many domestic enterprises, it is more necessary and important to create a strong brand of sanitary pads than to increase production and increase revenue and other short-term benefits.


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