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HI-CREATE Big waist band baby diaper production line

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The Diaper Making Machine is also called Nappy Making Machine or Diaper Manufacturinf Equipment, there are mainly two types of Diaper Machine, one is the Baby Diaper Making Machine, the other is Adult Diaper Making Machine. It’s mainly used to produce all kinds of diapers and sanitary products. HI-CREATE is one of the best suppliers and manufactures of Diaper Making Machine from China. Our Nappy Making Equipments adopt new technology, high accuracy, low cost, humanized design to realize intelligent production.If you want to buy Diaper Making Machine, See details below:


HI-CREATE Big waist band baby diaper production line

Main Features

1.Cell mill;

2.Drum forming;

3.Tension of the tissue paper & spandex controlled by torque control speed;

4.Servo inverter optional governor adopted for main machine drive;

5.Constant tension unwinding system & auto splicer;

6.Rotary bodies adjustable during operation;

7.PLC drive system;

8.Touch screen for man-machine conversation;

9.New mechanism of waist lamination;

10.Whole welded construction for machine frame;

11.Finished products output in line automatically;

12.Safety doors equipped at the operating side.

Main Structural device

1.Cell mill

2.Suction fan

3.Drum forming unit

4.SAP applying device;

5.Tissue wrapping device;

6.Core compacting device;

7.Core cutting device;

8.Waist band applying device;

9.Elastic ribbon unwinding device;

10.ADL applying device;

11.Cuff embossing device;

12.Front tape applying device;

13.Side-tape applying device;

14.R-cutting device;

15.Final cutting device;

16.Final folding device;

17.Waste rejecting device;

Main Technical parameter

Electric Power Supply 3 phase/380V/50Hz
Total Power 270kw
Pass Rate ≥97%
Production Speed 400pcs/min 350pcs/min
Outline Dimension(m) 23*7*2.5 (L*W*H)


HI-CREATE Pre-sale Service

Free consultation, technical support, liaison and other demand services.

HI-CREATE Payment Method

1.The two sides signed the contract and signed it by means of the official seal.

2.The purchaser must be pay 30% deposit in advance, and the deposit is checked by our factory. The production staff will be responsible for preparing, assembling, installing and debugging materials.

3.After the customer comes to our factory or sends the mechanical video online to the customer to check the goods, and reaches the customer demand, the customer makes the remaining money again, our factory arranges the delivery immediately after checking the money, and then sends the technical personnel to install and debug the training.

HI-CREATE Sale Service

1.We provide free delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services.

2.Debugging and Installation: after the product enters the customer designated place, after the customer is ready to complete the required materials and inform our factory, our factory will arrange personnel need to train the operator of the customer until the operator can operate independently.

3.After the commissioning is qualified, the customer will fill

in the comments and seal on the commissioning acceptance report.

HI-CREATE After-sale Service

1.After the product is debugged, it will provide one year warranty and free maintenance for life.

2.Door-to-door maintenance: after the customer discovers the product breakdown and notifies our factory, our factory will reply within 24 hours. If you need to replace the parts, our factory will send the required spare parts to customers within 72 hours, and through the telephone or door-to-door guidance for replacement and installation.


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