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HC-PM-C Automatic toilet multi-rolls packing machine

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HC-PM-C Automatic toilet multi-rolls packing machine

Function and Character

1.Multi-function, for packing of tissue roll, the items on the conveyor belt auto, Without manual, conveyor conveying, product auto feed sealing and cutting in one machine, merged with transfer conveyor, direct link to converting machine.

2.Advance PLC technology and screen indicate allows accurate and easy operation, further lasting for heat coil and sealing tape protection.

3.Good tidy, even appearance product are bombinated in the semi-auto conveying, pack and seal machine when connected directly to the product conveying system, less manpower, cost saving with fast and higher production capacity.

4.Comprehensive design, rigid frame, and imported major component, allows our machine to work steadily, efficiently, and long lasting too.

Technology parameters

Model HC-PM-C
Packing speed 6-12 bag/min
Power source 220 V,50 HZ
Air supply 0.5 MPA (Customer provide for oneself)
Power consumption 2 KW
Allowable packing size Single diameter90-120 * height90-120mm(Diameter and height to be selected)( must be pre-selected),The longest package can be finished length: 600mm,sealing width:220mm
Packing range Tubular roll and stout cordless rolls (without flattening)
Machine sizes 6700*1000*1400 mm


HI-CREATE Pre-sale Service

Free consultation, technical support, liaison and other demand services.

HI-CREATE Payment Method

1.The two sides signed the contract and signed it by means of the official seal.

2.The purchaser must be pay 30% deposit in advance, and the deposit is checked by our factory. The production staff will be responsible for preparing, assembling, installing and debugging materials.

3.After the customer comes to our factory or sends the mechanical video online to the customer to check the goods, and reaches the customer demand, the customer makes the remaining money again, our factory arranges the delivery immediately after checking the money, and then sends the technical personnel to install and debug the training.

HI-CREATE Sale Service

1.We provide free delivery, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services.

2.Debugging and Installation: after the product enters the customer designated place, after the customer is ready to complete the required materials and inform our factory, our factory will arrange personnel need to train the operator of the customer until the operator can operate independently.

3.After the commissioning is qualified, the customer will fill

in the comments and seal on the commissioning acceptance report.

HI-CREATE After-sale Service

1.After the product is debugged, it will provide one year warranty and free maintenance for life.

2.Door-to-door maintenance: after the customer discovers the product breakdown and notifies our factory, our factory will reply within 24 hours. If you need to replace the parts, our factory will send the required spare parts to customers within 72 hours, and through the telephone or door-to-door guidance for replacement and installation.


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