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HI-CREATE Diaper Packing Machine

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The diaper packing machine is also named nappy packing machine. It’t mainly uesd to pack baby diapers and adult diapers. It has touch screen display, frequency converter control, good man-machine interface and can match the front of the production line perfectly. We are one of the most popular manufacturers of diaper packing machine from China. We offer you a satisfying experience with low price and all-round service.


HI-CREATE Diaper packing machine Characteristic

1. The machine is made up of three parts: automatic feeding conveyor, main packing machine and side pressing.
2. The double side rolling drive of the sponge crown can avoid the mistake of the rewinder.
3. Equipped with emergency stop switch. Stop the machine immediately and ensure the safety of operators and equipment in case of emergency.
4. The handwheel can move up and down to adjust the position of the cutter to make the machine more flexible.
5. High-precision photocell precise tracking color mark, cutting position digital input to ensure accurate sealing and cutting.
6. Four servo control system makes the packing process accurate and stable.
7. Large PLC human-machine interface, easy to operate.
8. Transmission system is mainly composed of synchronous pulley and chain, easy to maintain.
9. Fully automatic process from feeding, packaging to side sealing. This prevents the two pollution caused by hand operation.

HI-CREATE Diaper packing machine Configuration

1. Touch screen
PLC control system, intelligent programming system, self-tuning, and more stable operation.
Use PID temperature controller to make heat balance better.
2. Sealing device
Instantly melt the film into bag shape.
More suitable for different types of packaging films.
3. Conveyor
The working platform is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure the safety of product packaging.
4. Before bag
The accuracy of bag making is high.
The error is less than 0.5mm.
Different types of bags molding machine for customers to choose, suitable for pillow-shaped bags, hanging hole bags, corner support bags, and even bags.

HI-CREATE Diaper packing machine Service

1. pre sale service
  More than 5000 professional packaging videos allow you to feel our machine directly.
  Our chief engineer provides packaging solutions free of charge.
2. Medium sales service
CORETAMP has a well-trained team that follows your orders in an orderly manner to ensure that the product delivers high-quality products on time.
3. after-sale service
 The machine installation, adjustment, installation and maintenance of the manual are available for you.
 If there is any problem, you can not find a solution. You can communicate 24 hours by telephone or online face-to-face.
 If you agree to pay, CORETAMP engineers and technicians can provide services to your country.
 One year Guranty machine, after two years guaranteed electrical parts.During the warranty period, if any component is damaged, it is not caused by human beings.
 We will replace the new one free of charge. The warranty will start after the machine sends out the bill of lading.
 CORETAMP has an independent after-sales service team. In case of emergency, please call the salesperson or our after sales manager.


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