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HI-CREATE Diaper Making Machine

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The Diaper Making Machine is also called Nappy Making Machine or Diaper Manufacturinf Equipment, there are mainly two types of Diaper Machine, one is the Baby Diaper Making Machine, the other is Adult Diaper Making Machine. It’s mainly used to produce all kinds of diapers and sanitary products. HI-CREATE is one of the best suppliers and manufactures of Diaper Making Machine from China. Our Nappy Making Equipments adopt new technology, high accuracy, low cost, humanized design to realize intelligent production.If you want to buy Diaper Making Machine, See details below:


HI-CREATE Baby Diaper Making Machine Characteristics and Advantages

  • The high speed new full servo baby diaper is suitable for making diaper shapes of all kinds of raw materials.
  • The baby diaper machine can produce fluffy pulp and ultra-thin diaper products, I-shaped T-shaped and four sizes(SMLXL) baby diaper products.
  • Servo motor adopts PLC control and touch screen drive.
  • High-speed dental crusher.
  • Mesh wheel forming.
  • Automatically detect and remove defective products and prune them.
  • When the material is broken or used, the diaper machine is automatically stopped.
  • The human-machine interface is controlled by touch screen.
  • Baby diaper machine with safety door.
  • All electrical components are internationally renowed brands.
  • No adjustment during operation.
  • Diaper automatic counting and stacking. It can be equipped with automatic, semic-automatic, non-stop device and tension control device.
  • Diapers seventy percent off or double fold.
  • It can add PLC control, programmable.
  • Automatic limit adjustment(longitudinal adjustment raw materials) can be added. Photoelectric detection, automatic rejection and photoelectric calculation are adopted.
  • Touch screen mode can be added to achieve man-machine conversation.
  • Cylinder heat seal can be pressurized by cylinder.

HI-CREATE Baby Diaper Manufacturering Machine Configuration

  • Touch screen control, providing human-machine interface and graphic control.
  • Servo control mode
  • High speed alloy rolling mill.
  • Drums are formed.
  • SPA coater unit.
  • A special device for combination
  • Raw material adopts active roll out, constant tension control and automatic splicing.
  • The phrase can be adjusted during operation.
  • Automatic detection and alarm of material termination and disconnection.
  • Column structure frame.
  • Elastic automatic splicing system.
  • Positioning rod function.
  • Leg elastic applicator.
  • Automatic counting and packing of products.
  • Automatic rectifier.

HI-CREATE Adult Diaper Making Machine Features

  • Touch screen for man-machine conversation.
  • Servo motor frequency converter can be used for machine drive and PCL control.
  • Cell mill.
  • Sap automatic quantitative application.
  • Raw material adopts active roll out, constant tension control and automatic splicing.
  • Drum molding.
  • Automatic detection and alarm of material end or disconnect, automatic reject material joint.
  • The phrase can be adjusted during operation.
  • Column structure of rotary cutter.
  • Product seventy percent off.
  • Automatic counting and stacking of products.

HI-CREATE Adult Diaper Manufacturering Machine Configuration

  • Tension control system.
  • Full speed automatic splicing system.
  • Pneumatic shaft for raw material fixation.
  • Automatic rejection system.
  • Edge guiding system.
  • Touch panel control panel with picture control.
  • Drum forms the core.
  • Leg cuff and waist elastic belt application.
  • Textile backplane is laminate.
  • Servo stacker can automatically deliver bags.
  • Full servo drive system.

HI-CREATE Installation and Service

The machine shall be ready within 120 working days after the seller receives the deposit and the sample drawings have been confirmed by both parties.

The seller shall notify the buyer of the completion of the machine in writing by fax or e-mail.

HI-CREATE Payment term

The buyer shall pay the seller 30% of the contact amount by TT within 10 days from the date of signing the contact and 70% of the balanced by TT before loading.

Note: If the buyer is unable to pay the deposit before the specified date, the seller has the right to re-price the machine.

Approval before shipment

The machine will be tested and approved at the seller factory before delivery. The test will not exceed 15 minutes at the seller factory. The seller will consume raw materials within 15 minutes. If the customer needs more time to test, the buyer will bear the cost.

Waste does not include damage or replacement of materials by glue applicator.

Quality assurance period and wages

The seller will provide a quality guarantee period of 12 months from the date of delivery. In the meantime, the seller shall repair the machine and provide repairable parts( vulnerable parts and normally worn parts( such as knives and belts) or damaged caused by the buyer. The buyer shall bear the cost of repair for damage caused by the buyer. The warranty period is valid within 30 days after the buyer is told that the machine is tested.

HI-CREATE Quality After-sales Service

  • you can send technicians to learn to operate the machine for 1-2 months before the machine is delivered. We can provide food and accommodation.
  • When the machine arrives at your workshop, we will send technicians to install, test the machine and train your workers.
  • If you need a Chinese technician to work for you, we can help you find a suitable job for you.
  • We can provide comprehensive support for your entire project, from the manufacture and installation of machines, to the provision of raw materials, the design of plant layout, worker training to final production.
  • We have now provided services to customers from more than 100 countries around the world.
  • We can provide you with very good machines and services at a favorable price.
  • We are factory manufactures, not trading companies.

Additional information

Dimensions 33 x 12 x 5 cm


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