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Nearly 40% Restaurant Paper Hidden Trouble

Nearly 40% restaurant paper hidden trouble

Mobile fluorescent agent, deinking agent, dioxin, excessive bacteria… Do restaurant napkins contain these substances? Yesterday, the Chinese cuisine association in the industry launched the “Chinese restaurant industry safety paper breeze action” issued a survey report shows that nearly 40 percent of China’s restaurant paper safety risks.


Statistics show that 85 percent of consumers eat out at least once a week and 87.6 percent use free napkins provided by restaurants. It can be seen that paper has become an important consumable in the consumption of catering enterprises. But how safe is the paper?


“Whether it is catering enterprises or consumers, safety paper is a long-neglected link,” the report shows that 39.7% of restaurants purchase food paper through informal channels. These channels include offline wholesale markets, online wholesale, independent brands, etc., which are difficult to supervise and prone to safety problems. These products may contain substances that cause skin allergy, respiratory tract infection and even cancer, such as transferable fluorescein, deinking agent, dioxin, heavy metal substances, excessive bacteria…


Food and beverage enterprises do not attach importance to paper safety, so do consumers. Survey shows that nearly 50 percent of consumers ignore the safety of food paper, most only by texture, material, taste and other subjective experience to judge the safety of paper.


Jiang junxian, President of the Chinese cuisine association, said that the current market exists these problems, or because China’s food and beverage paper standards are still blank, so it is imperative to promote food and beverage enterprises to improve paper safety level.

“The purpose of the safe paper campaign launched by the industry association is to promote the concept of safe, scientific and environmentally friendly paper to the whole society,” jiang junxian said. The core concept of the campaign includes three aspects. Second, scientific paper, should strictly distinguish between toilet paper, toilet paper, kitchen paper, napkins, wet tissue and other paper products with different functions, strictly dedicated paper; Third, environmental protection paper, the restaurant industry should strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, cultivate the habit of saving paper, give priority to the choice of pefc-coc, CFCC environmental protection certification of paper products.

Including meizhou dongpo, xiaonan, zhenkung fu, xibei, donglaishun and other 25 well-known food and beverage enterprises became the first pilot units of this action, to jointly improve the safety level of the food and beverage industry to make efforts.


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