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Diaper Making Machine Price All Over The World

Diapers have been popular in developed countries, but in developing countries is still a new area worthy of development, many people want to buy diapers machine to produce diapers, but what kind of diapers machine is the most suitable, what are the difference between different countries diapers machine, we have some information here, now to give. Let us share with you, i hope you can pick out your own diaper machine.

The purchase of diapers machine can be separately from the price, quality and product aspects, comprehensive comparative analysis, select satisfactory results.

According to statistics, German and Japanese Diaper Machines are of the best quality, but the price is also the highest. Japanese diapers machines cost between $320,000 and $600,000, while a German-made diaper machine made in China costs $250,000.

Of course, China and other developing countries also produce diapers. The price of diapers machine in China is $120,000 to $168,000. The price of diapers machine in Indonesia is $35,000 to $42,000. The price of lower than that of German and Japan, and of course there will be a gap in quality.

German diaper machine has better quality, accurate accuracy and mature production technology, so the price of diaper machine is higher. Japan is famous for its quality, so the quality of Japanese diaper machine is more accurate. China diaper machine is the introduction of advanced Japanese technology, improve product quality, is the highest cost-effective one.

The machine characteristics of diapers in different countries are also different.
Moony diapers manufacturer Eunika and King paper company are famous brands in Japan, with a long history. Among them, the king is more focused on paper making, and the manufacturers of diapers may be more professional, while the products of Eunica Group are more abundant.

The Chinese diaper machine can produce ordinary, economical and high-grade diaper products. Automatic uncoiling device for raw materials, tension control device, automatic feeding device, automatic deviation correction device, automatic waste rejection device. The bottom film and non-woven fabric external mechanism is equipped with online compound function, which can save raw material cost. Three dimensional fabric is built in the machine. Elastic waistline, front waist sticker and side waist automatic cutting. The extension of the rubber band can be adjusted at will.

The introduction of German AFV can effectively ensure the stability of measurement accuracy. The company proprietary dynamic filtering technology to achieve high-speed and stable measurement. The use of military grade weighing sensor, accuracy and quality assurance. Customers can choose from a variety of rejection devices: blow rejection, push rod rejection, pull rod rejection, drop rejection. Automatic selection method to avoid human error. Support multi-language: English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean.

In terms of products, products produced by diaper machines include baby diapers and adult diapers. Paper diapers are different in water absorption, dry degree after use, thickness, air permeability, absorption core layer. German diaper machine produces the most soft, water-absorbing urine, still dry after use, cutting and waist design more scientific, more humane. The Japanese diaper machine produces fine urine, and the cutting of the details is stronger than that of the ordinary machine. The diapers in China produce good diapers and breathability and moderate softness.

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